Song of the Week

Song of the Week: Tras la Tormenta

A big shout-out to Dj Salseando for kindly writing down the track name and artist for me at SOS (Salsa on Sundays, London). Now and again I hear those songs that make my ears prick and I have to drop whatever else I’m doing to find out what it what it is! As I was searching  for it on youtube, I discovered a very sexy Eddie Torres workshop from the Milan On2 congress with Shani Talmor and Carla Voconi and using the very same track, which you can check out here.  The song comes from the album Modestia Aparte by Ricky Campanelli. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Song of the Week: Tras la Tormenta

  1. How Crazy is this, this album happens to be exactly what is playing in my Car at the Moment. DJ Ricky made a masterpiece, every song is rocking. However, Tumba La Rumba is my favorite song on the album. You should give it a listen.
    We really need to do a Congress together!!! Milan On2 2014?

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