Song of the Week

Song of the Week: Que Problema

So I’m back at Uni which leaves little time for blog posts but I’m slowly easing back in to it and organising my time which means I haven’t gone AWOL even if it looks like it! When I’m working/stressed/ feeling overwhelmed by all the things I have going on both at Uni and outside of it I sometimes need a break to listen to something that takes me somewhere else entirely. I probably forgot to mention that despite my love of the kind of music that makes me want to dance, I am big fan of more pensive music…always have been. A lot of people find it weird that I listen to ‘salsa’ music in my spare time outside of dancing… but to me, it’s quite the opposite, and I find people that dance without a love of the music a little difficult to understand sometimes. It’s from the music that I find that joy or whatever emotion it may be, and dance is simply something I am in the process of learning in order to express that: however it’s easy for the focus to be taken away from this, and in truth, I haven’t danced in such a way for a while. Perhaps I need to escape to a Congress somewhere for the weekend or go back to Paris and loose myself again. Anyway,  I’m sharing this  track because it’s one of those ones that really moves me, and when I feel like shutting myself in my room with music: this works… his voice is stunning…! Enjoy x

Joe Cuba y Cheo Feliciano  ~ Que Problema, 1964


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