My Essential Links

My list of top sites you should go check out!

Salsa blogs and websites – keep up to date on the International scene!

Salsa Lives  – Salsa in NYC, interviews, biographies etc

Chilly’s Blog– Chilly is cool, a salsa dancer from Cape Town and I hope one day we’ll get a dance!

La Epoca Film– head here to find out the the origins of what we know as ‘salsa’ today.

The Dancing Irishman– name pretty much says it all

Bailandia– it seems all salsera’s think alike!

Salsolicos Anonimos– for those of you who who speak spanish, my gorgeous friend Natalia makes awesome videos and interviews the salsa stars, so check out her facebook page and youtube channel! – they hold salsa classes in Virginia and also have some interesting content about social dancing on their website

Youtube channels

Nuevotec Pr


Baila Society

Salsa World

Shani Talmor

Andy Contreras

Latina Skin

Salsa Festivals


Learning Resources

Baila Society

Salsa Bachata Online

Addicted 2 Salsa


Salsa Mag






Salsa this World


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